West Berkeley Project

Planning Commission Links

City Planning Commission's West Berkeley Project Site.

Planning Commission's meeting notes and agendas.

The Draft Environmental Impact Report [DEIR] is available in pdf form online at this link.

The West Berkeley Plan itself is also available at the City's website.

To write to the Planning Commission, address:
Mail: Planning Commission Jordan Harrison, Secretary Land Use Planning Division 2120 Milvia Street, 2nd Floor Berkeley, CA 94704 Email: JHarrison@CityofBerkeley.info Phone: (510) 981-7416

Current Planning Commissioners [from City pdf:18nov09]:

           District   Name                      Appointed By 
           District 1 Mr. Jim Novosel           Maio 6/24/2008 
           District 2 Ms. Teresa Clarke         Moore 1/9/2009 
           District 3 Mr. Lawrence Gurley       Anderson 12/1/2005 
           District 4 Mr. Gene Poschman         Spring 4/12/2005 
           District 5 Mr. James Samuels         Capitelli 9/13/2005 
           District 6 Ms. Victoria Eisen        Wengraf 12/22/2008 
           District 7 Ms. Patricia Dacey        Worthington 9/4/07 
           District 8 Mr. Harry Pollack         Wozniak 12/6/02 Vice-Chair
           Mayor      Mr. David Stoloff         Bates 1/13/09 Chair

WEBAIC [West Berkeley Artisans and Industrial Companies] has lots of information about what's happening with the West Berkeley Plan at their website WEBAIC.org

If you have Google Earth running on your computer, this link should enable an overlay that shows the West Berkeley Zoning designations over the view of West Berkeley.

Here is a jpeg version of the West Berkeley Zones.

Joe de Credico has made a map of the West Berkeley Project area showing where the Master Use Permits might be applied under current proposals. You can see a largish PDF of the map here. Note that it is not an official City map - they have not made one yet.

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